“She was committed to me achieving my results.”

It was fun, Irena was a great guide through the whole process, and I can certainly say that her insights will be a revelation to anyone. She is very knowledgeable and was committed to me achieving my results. In coaching, the bottom line is: can the coach help you deliver the results that you aim for? The answer in this case is, yes! You need not have read self-help books, or attended self-development seminars, or even listened to all those power-oriented CD sets to benefit from Irena’s coaching. You can be at square one, and have a fantastic experience.

– Dr. George Giannou, D.C.: Zen Wellness Center – Montreal, Canada

Irena helped me “get to the heart of my issue so rapidly!”

In literally one call, Irena was able to help me work through an area in which I’ve been “stuck” for more than six years! She made it safe for me to uncover what was holding me back, and I was able to work out how to take steps to address it in a positive way, without conflict. She also gave me the support I needed to be accountable to my decisions. Working with her was unhurried. I felt heard because she never rushed to respond, therefore I really felt like she was “taking in” and both thinking and feeling how to guide me further. So many of us are in such a race all the time, it felt really unusual to slow down like that. It also increased the trust I had with her very quickly, because I could feel no judgement, just a palpable listening–it really helped me to get to the heart of my issue so rapidly! I am truly grateful for Irena’s tremendous expertise!

– Terry Whitaker, USA: www.terrywhitaker.com

“I feel so much clearer now, it’s as if someone took a rock out of the way!”

Irena’s help unravelling something with me was just amazing. Her gentle and persistent questioning, the way she heard between the lines of what I was assuming was so subtle that when she asked me about something I’d said – which turned out to be the root of the issue – I didn’t even remember saying it. Irena’s style is curious, kind and very powerful. I feel so much clearer now, it’s as if someone took a rock out of the way!

– Kay White, UK: www.wayforwardsolutions.com

“I now work less and earn more”

I had done a lot of personal development work and reading on positive thinking but Irena helped me understand that simply reading is not always enough to change the habits of a lifetime. Beliefs control our lives and Irena helped me to change a number of my limiting beliefs in just a few sessions. I am now more focused and productive, allowing me to concentrate on more lucrative projects. I now work less and earn more. Irena was a pleasure to work with. Her style is positive and she always knows the right questions to ask that get to the heart of the matter. Thank you Irena.

– Ghislain Larochelle, Canada: www.immofacile.ca

“My business has increased by 25% and continues to grow.”

Irena O’Brien is a terrific business coach. She will work with you to set goals and discover obstacles in the way of financial success. Since starting to work with Irena, my business has increased by 25% and continues to grow. Everyone as well as every business is different, and Irena tailors a program to meet each person and company’s needs. I was impressed by the breadth and depth of her preparations for each session. She is patient but firm in making sure that her clients understand the obstacles that are in the way of success. I appreciated her ability to get me to focus on unblocking my path to success. By the end of the program, I had not only met my goals, but surpassed them.

– David Schipper, Owner/Educator: 2Torial Educational Centre Inc., Montreal, Canada

Irena’s “…coaching has been an invaluable part of our growing success.”

Our coaching program with Irena was groundbreaking! She helped us identify the key areas of personal compatibility, how we complimented each other within the business, and importantly areas to be aware of to ensure a successful partnership to attain our goals. Her coaching has been an invaluable part of our growing success. Thank you Irena!

– Sam Byrne, Canada: www.houseofwhatbox.com

“The lights literally went off in my head, and there’s no stopping me now!”

Irena hit the nail on the head with her coaching, and helped me identify blocks I had not even realized I had that were preventing me from attaining my full business potential. The lights literally went off in my head, and there’s no stopping me now! She also worked together with my business partner and myself, identifying the strong and weak links of our relationship, and how we could ensure our success. Irena is professional, caring and sincere, and I would recommend her without hesitation to any entrepreneur or business-owner.

– Robert Healey, Canada: www.houseofwhatbox.com

“I would say that I’m operating from the core of who I am.”

During our coaching together, we focused mainly on my mission and values. I had been goal setting for many years, but working with you forced me to go deep inside to figure our exactly what makes me tick. Consequently, my goals are more specific and the relationship between my daily goals and habits is tighter. I’m now more focused day-in day-out and I make sure, as much as possible, the activities I agree to participate in are congruent with my goals.

I’m happily achieving more. I get pleasure from checking things off my list that I know are going to have a long-term or short-term benefit for me and it’s become loss of a chore and more of a happily achieving paradigm. The goals keep me out of the mindset of focusing on the mundane – and much of business and life is habit and routine – but more of focusing on the positive aspects of my work. It’s easier for me to say “no” to things that are not in line with what I’m trying to achieve and I now operate from a place of whether this activity or relationship will bring me closer to my goals.

I’m definitely less stressed. there’s nothing more stressful than working hard on stuff, knowing where you’re going generally but not specifically. Getting specific about where I’m going and how I plan to get there gives me a certain level of comfort and sanity. I would say that I’m operating from the core of who I am. I’m operating in a manner that is congruent with my deepest held values.

Irena, you’re good. You’re a very thoughtful and thought-provoking person who has a good heart and cares. And it’s important to work with someone like that.

– Vice-president, global property management company, $4 billion annual revenue

“…she expertly guided me through my challenges with change.”

Coaching with Irena has made a big difference for me. I started coaching with Irena when my employer made major policy changes. I was at a crossroads, and she expertly guided me through my challenges with change. I now divide issues into those I have control over and those I don’t and I see that, even with issues I don’t have control over, I have a choice as to how I will respond. I also learned to divide bigger problems into a series of smaller problems. This makes the problems more manageable.  In fact, I can now say that I am less reluctant to adapt to change: I know I always have options and I find decisions easier to make.

One of the things I appreciate about Irena is her great ability to listen. She was sensitive to my issues, yet challenged me at the same time. I also appreciated how she was completely focused on me achieving my coaching goals, and always had a copy of my goals in front of her. I can honestly say that coaching with Irena has been valuable in moving my career forward. I can say today that I am convinced that I would not be at the place I am today if I had not crossed paths with Irena. A sincere “thank you” Irena.

– Wealth advisor and portfolio manager, major Canadian bank

“I was able to step up to my leadership role.”

As a result of our sessions and workshop, I am more able to consciously monitor and manage my thoughts as well as my feelings. I am able to access My Personal Genius State: being mentally present, confident, aware, resourceful, able to act, to seek, and be engaging with others and to choose when to say yes and no. I experience lightness of spirit (optimism), more freedom to be and more joy.

For example, as Director of a local Community Centre in a low-income multi-ethnic, Montreal neighbourhood, I have a great deal of responsibility (human resources, funding, programming, work environment, etc.). Two issues arose that needed my leadership: (1) lack of interest and participation by local residents in municipal politics which impacts negatively on conditions in the neighbourhood (housing, parks, services) and (2) increase in drug use and sales among neighbourhood teens. I was able to mobilise the staff, working with different age groups, as well as get outside help, to organise, at the centre, our first political debate between municipal candidates for the up-coming elections on issues identified by the residents. I assisted the staff in establishing an action plan to deal with the drug issue. We all felt powerless until we agreed to start working on it together.

I am quite proud of these achievements because,

1. I was able to step up to my leadership role, bringing others on board. I’m learning to share my ideas, delegate more and take a back seat so that I can concentrate on my regular responsibilities .

2. I was able work through some emotional drawbacks mostly related to perfectionism, self-esteem, high expectations, all or nothing way of thinking.

– Director, Community Centre, Montreal