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A dilemma I’ve been facing is which research study should I cover in more depth. But the volume and rate of publication of empirical studies in psychology and neuroscience is so overwhelming that it’s impossible for me to cover more extensively all the papers I find interesting. How to choose? My answer is The Digest, [read more]

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We live in a world that’s obsessed with managing time, with improving productivity, with getting everything done. Just in case you’re not convinced, try googling “time management.” When I did, I got a staggering 1.45 billion results in 17 seconds! Incredible, you may think, but that’s what our society is focused on. Rather than saving [read more]

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Here is an interesting article by Peter Bregman, where he articulates the downsides of goal setting: contrary to commonly accepted business sense, goals can create tunnel vision, leading you to neglect non-goal areas. It reduces intrinsic motivation, being lodged in the future and, therefore, not fully real. Rather, he suggests that we identify areas of [read more]

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Do you wish you were more confident and powerful than you feel? A recent study shows that putting yourself in a high power pose produces endocrine changes that actually make you feel more powerful and in charge. So “faking it” actually works! In this study, Carney, Cuddy, & Yap (2010) arranged the bodies of one [read more]

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In this article, Jason Womack, proposes that whether you think in terms of “nouns” or “verbs” can reflect how you think and work. “Noun” people tend to be visionary, big picture people whereas “verb” people tend to think in terms of the steps they need to take to accomplish their goals. “Noun” people tend to [read more]

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Do you know why you sometimes find it hard to get motivated? It’s because we believe that, to start, we should “want” to do that thing we don’t want to do. We look for that initial “wanting” and when we don’t get it immediately, we beat ourselves up. And that only makes things worse. But [read more]

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If you click on the title of this post, it’ll take you to an entertaining little video on procrastination and some tips on how to overcome it, by AsapSCIENCE.

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One of the first things people who procrastinate think of to start getting things done is that they need better time management skills. They believe the myth that the ideal time management system for them is out there somewhere and, if they could only find it, their problems would be solved. And they might even [read more]

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outdoorPDK / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA Do you sometimes agonize over deciding what to do, taking way too long to make a decision? Would you like to make better decisions, and make them faster? Well, a number of recent studies show that using your gut feeling can result in better decisions. And because gut feeling is [read more]

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Do you visualize yourself reaching a goal? Has it helped you in the past? If you’re like me, visualizing yourself achieving a goal doesn’t work that well. Yet, according to the self-help literature, if we actively see ourselves having reached the goal, we will be more likely to achieve it. But, the sports psychology literature [read more]