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We all know that willpower is the key to success and happiness, yet we never seem to have enough of it. So how do you get more of it? If you’re a coach, helping clients to accept their feelings and emotions, especially the ones they judge as negative, is one of the keys to psychological [read more]

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As a neuroscientist and a coach, I’m often asked whether brain training, either in the form of online exercises or devices for training or stimulating the brain, works to enhance performance. A number of personal devices that stimulate the brain electrically have appeared recently. These are called tDCS – or transcranial direct current stimulation – [read more]

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Coaches are change agents. As a coach, some of the ways you support clients in creating lasting change is by helping them build mindfulness, self-awareness, self-motivation, resilience, optimism, and self-efficacy. “Neuroscience, the science of the brain and nervous system, is the field coaches and counsellors are working in with every client they meet, whether they [read more]

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A new study that followed participants for 20 years has found that exercise starting in middle age is the best defense against dementia in old age. This is because brain abnormalities begin many years before cognitive decline is noticed and take 20 – 30 years to develop. Previous studies have looked at people in their [read more]

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Myles Downey writes that our current understanding of genius is a “real and present limitation to human performance.” The prevailing view is that genius is the preserve of the few. Does that mean that the rest of us are doomed to mediocrity? This doesn’t add up because we’re all born with more or less the [read more]

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Have you resolved to eat better in 2016? To give you some inspiration, here are a few recent studies that show how diet can protect against cognitive decline and mental illness. Eat your vegetables •  We all know that vegetables are good for us and that we should be eating more of them.  But did [read more]

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We used to believe that the brain was plastic, that it could change itself based on experience and environment only in early childhood. Thereafter, it was fixed. We now know that the brain continues to change itself throughout our lives. This is exciting because it means that “… almost everything we do, all our behaviour, [read more]

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Many people use positive affirmations as a way to boost self-esteem. But they may actually do more harm than good. Here’s a research study that explains why. In this 2009 study, Wood and her colleagues asked participants to write down any thoughts and feelings they had over a 4-minute period.  While they were writing, they [read more]

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Here is The Digest, Edition 5, a smorgasbord of the most relevant papers on psychology and neuroscience I’ve come across recently. •  Music practice can rewire the brain and make us better communicators. Here’s why. •  Physical fitness protects the brain against cognitive aging. In this study, active older men not only performed better on [read more]

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The idea that gut health is related to brain health is not new. In the 19th century, Charles Darwin, in The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals (1872), wrote: “The manner in which the secretions of the alimentary canal and of certain other organs … are affected by strong emotions, is another excellent [read more]